Forward Thinking Design

Tomorrow is about more than making a positive difference for the residents who will call it home. Through this project, Young Group also wants to make a positive difference for the environment.

A place of possibility

Through carefully considered design, Tomorrow features an average 7.5 star rating by the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS), which measures a home’s energy efficiency based on its structure, design and materials.

Buildings with good insulation and solar passive design can reduce reliance on artificial heating and cooling, which is responsible for the majority of the average Australian household’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainably better

A home that achieves 7.5 stars uses 40% less energy than the standard 6 star home. Significantly reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills by 30% due to lower reliance on traditional heating and cooling systems, whilst residents still experience high levels of thermal comfort and a balanced internal environment throughout Melbourne’s extreme seasons.

Grow Wellness

Tranquil, Seamless Living

Imbued with an uplifting sense of tranquillity, Tomorrow is grounded in biophilic design philosophy, featuring integrated landscaping that fosters a connection to the outdoors on every level - allowing interior living areas to extend out seamlessly to green spaces that beckon you in.

Veggie Patch and Herb Garden

Tending to plants and watching them grow allows you to interact with nature and connect mindfully to your food. Each residence at Tomorrow includes a space for you to grow your own vegetable patch and herb garden. Gain a sense of productivity, improve your microbiome and discover the joys of eating home grown produce.

Positive Physical and Mental Health Outcomes

Time and again, studies show that gardening activities contribute to greater mental and physical health. Cultivating a garden reduces negative emotions and has a cathartic impact on daily stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression.

Support Biodiversity

Bio-diverse gardens are especially important in urban environments. They support the important insects and animals living amongst us in our cities - offering healthier environments, as well as helping to support nature and preserving it for future generations.

Natural Wonder

Live in the midst of the Merri Creek Trail, where you will enjoy wonderful walks and bird watching alongside the carefully rehabilitated indigenous vegetation. A natural extension and inspiration for your own green space at Tomorrow.

Sustainability for Tomorrow

Solar Panels

A minimum 11.2 kW panel system will be included on the rooftop to provide additional power to run the building services.

Rainwater Collection

A roof catchment area will harvest stormwater in a rainwater tank for toilet flushing and landscaping irrigation.

Non-toxic and Durable

All materials used to construct the building will be long lasting and will be non-toxic.

Water Efficiency

Efficient fittings and fixtures will reduce the volume of mains water with 5 Star Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) tapware.

Responsible Timber

The timber used in the development should be Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) certified or recycled/reused.

Lighting Efficiency

Energy consumption from artificial lighting will be reduced by using LED lighting and by optimising daylight.

Recycled Insulation

Any bulk insulation specified and installed in the development will have a minimum 20% post-consumer recycled material content.

Energy Efficiency

Reduce your carbon footprint with ease. Close attention has been paid to ensure that Tomorrow adapts passively to all types of design through the use of wall and ceiling insulation, thermal breaks, double glazing and natural ventilation.

Responsible Material

The thermal insulation will not contain any ozone-depleting substances and will not use any in its manufacturing.

Light-filled Open-plan Living

Floor-to-ceiling double glazed windows have been carefully oriented to allow living areas to extend seamlessly to the outdoors - connecting you with green spaces, air and light for tranquil living and thermal comfort.

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